Although I’m guilty of it too, it makes me a wee bit sad to see someones beautiful crochet/knitting/craft being carted around in a reusable shopping bag. They do have their uses people, but a Coles bag should be kept for the supermarket!

After Auntie Sally came by last week to help watch the kids while I sewed up the baby bibs & another gift (in drafts to be posted soon!) with her beautiful crochet blanket in said grocery bag I thought I should remedy this.

VoilĂ ! The ‘Sally ‘Bag’. Take one felted 100% pure Australian wool jumper, chop-chop-chop-it, embellish and there you have it. A roomy rather gorgeous bag ready for her next project.

I got all my inspiration for this design from this beautiful bag.

I said to Mark that I have problems letting go of many of my crafting endeavors and this one is particularly difficult as I’ve fallen in love with it as it came together. We’re off to Dad’s for lunch today so I had better drop it off to Sally before I find it filled with my crochet project!