Thank you Shirly for you’re bag of clothes that were destined for the Salvos. This is the first of our ‘upcycled’ clothes, a pair of stretch denim shorts. I have to fiddle a bit with the waistband as it wound up a bit big but the fit & length are great. I love the “be a hero ribbon” trim on his pockets. And best of all, he loves them.

PS. this last pose was uninitiated, I caught him while we were having lunch today at mum’s work-park. Too funny!!


Amalee’s birthday is today and this is the dress I made for her. A simple shirred summer dress made following this tutorial by (why oh why don’t I bookmark these things! I can’t find it…..I’ll keep looking). I wasn’t sure if I liked the final result but after bribing Giles to try it on for me, I think it turned out ok. I wish that I had some white elastic thread though. The store only had black and I didn’t have time to shop around for more. Oh well, it isn’t noticeable when it is being worn, it just stick out like dogs ‘you-know-whats’ on the hanger.

Another week, another party. I had better wrap it up now as we are heading off soon. Stay tuned for the next 4 year old’s present!

Ok, this post isn’t going backwards in time, I made this today. A headband to go with my new, much shorter, hair-do.

I made it from true ‘vintage’ ribbon – it came from mums sewing stash so it has to be vintage!! Ha!

What to make a 4 year old girl for her birthday?

Headbands – one for school (she has to wear only red) and one for everyday wear.

The zipper flower was made using one of the zillions of tutorials out there. I modge podged (is that a word?) the headband and covered it with some fabric. It seemed to work and hopefully will hold up. The inside of the headband is trimmed with felt for comfort.

The 2nd band has been in my WIP box for ages (I’m talking at least 1.5 years – whoops). Bec’s mum or grandmother had a book on ribbon folding and showed me how to do it a long time ago. If she hasn’t shown you on her blog how it’s done and if you’re interested, I’ll make a quick tutorial for you Jacq.

Mark said the headbands were a big hit with the birthday girl. She and a friend wore them right out of the wrapping paper. Whew!

I love these bibs from Bec’s tutorial. I’ve made some before and they make such a perfect gift (Well I think so, let’s hope Amy agrees! Ha ha)

I made 2 yesterday after calling Auntie Sally to see if she would come down to mind the kids. Of course they went from whiney, clingy kids to perfect angels when Sally arrived. Good thing she bought her crocheting with her. She just sat at the kitchen table crocheting & making coffees while we chatted all afternoon. The kids played really happily by themselves – TYPICAL!

Thanks Sally. That was a fun & productive afternoon.

I made a third this morning because all my gear was still on the kitchen table and both kids were happily bopping around with their digital cameras (gotta love old broken technology – perfect for the dress-up box).

Aren’t they great and don’t you like my model. Now I want to make some for her too. She still uses giles’s bib all the time.

After the last post, you can imagine how handy this new tool is.

Every sewer HATES to unpick. This makes it a somewhat bearable task.

Good old Lee Valley Tools.

“Pro” Series…lol!!! Maybe double as a surgical scalpel if the needs arrises.

Perfect timing….my winter jacket, years in the works, is finished just in time for our full blown early spring…nevermind. 😉

I thrifted this beautiful, charcoal wool felt 3 years ago for next to nothing. I anxiously awaited the following winter, when the winter fabrics were released at my local fabric store and bought the additonal wool crepe/felt I required to make up for the wool felt I was lacking…just a little short…argh. I found this pattern on that trip and away I went….not. It sat uncut for a year and a half (!!) before this year, I picked it up again and finally started. How disappointing, when almost completed, I slipped the jacket on I discovered it was all wrong! It didn’t fit! It looked terrible! Arghhh!! The shoulders were too wide, the pleated sleeve pleated somewhere halfway down my arm, the sleeves were 3 inches too short…all wrong!

Pulled completely apart, redrafted and sewn together as one once more it’s done!!! I thiiiiink I like it?! I’m trying to like it…I think it-will-do. What do you think? Must say I’m loving the buckle closures…

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