I’ve begun my next project for in front of the TV, the Little Princess Cardie (a free pattern offered by Lion Brand) Its a swing style cardigan apparently suited for a beginner – that claim is about to be put to the test!

We don’t get Lion Brand here so I chose some bamboo/cotton from Spotlight. It is so silky and soft. A bit challenging to work with as the fibres are almost like embroidery thread and are easy to split as your hook goes in and out but I seem to be getting the hang of it.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress. Wish me luck!!


finished quilt

Mel & Rhys asked us over for a BBQ to celebrate Mel & Mark getting new jobs & Mel’s birthday. She is such as sweetie and always is really thoughtful with Xmas & birthday presents so I figured it was a great excuse to jump on board the sew,mama,sew! Quilting Month bandwagon.

I knew the disappearing 9 patch was a groovy and simple way to make a quilt but didn’t realize you could make it have an overall pattern, rather than the randomness most of these quilts have. I was inspired Oh, Fransson’s Doll quilt I saw on the Quilting Month Flickr Pool. It just took me about 15 min to find the photo but I really wanted to credit her with the inspiration for this quilt. I love the way the center four panels make one big panel. I didn’t have any Joel Dewberry’s Aviary fabric for the center focal panels so I figured, “I’ll embroider something”. Geeze, its not like I only had 1 week to make something!!!!! So, for a couple of days, I took the quilt top on the train, tucked my elbows in and finished the birds.

I really must get a better photo of this quilt, I forgot and only had my camera phone the day I gave it to Mel. Hmm, seems to be a recurrent theme here that I need to take better photos and edit these posts…….

If you are interested in how to lay out your blocks to get this effect, go to my Flickr site and check out Before & After photos. Like I said, really easy to get something that looks quite complex.

OK, what else have I got for you………..

“Better keep busy, and the devil won’t find so much for your idle hands to do”

I’ve been catching the train to Fremantle every day for work and have been moaning about the long commute ever since I started. Truth be told, it was less about the travel per se, and more about missing being at home with my two boys, feeling an extra 2.5 hours of travel time on top of an 8 hour work day was too much.
Anyhoo, rather than continuing to bitch about it, I now look upon my time on the train as a precious two lots of 40 minutes which is all my own. So, with my elbows tucked in as if I’m sitting at a full Christmas dinner table, I’ve delved into the world of embroidery.

I started with the Wee Wonderfuls Elf Stitchette pattern and have managed to complete both the boy & girl elf. The plan is to make them into Xmas stockings (yup, starting early this year).

Just as I finished those two and was in need of another ‘on-the-go’ project, I saw your tag linking to the Purl bee Sashiko Tutorial. Perfect! Two nights in front of TV and a trip to-and-from work and I’ve finished the embroidery on my bargain 35c onesie (photo to be inserted..).

It is so hard to find boy-appropriate crafts, so I was really pleased with this. The stitching is a little uneven (hmm… super stretchy fabric isn’t the best for this project) & I ended up free-handing most of it (hmm… I have to invest in a fabric marker – the blunt china pencil isn’t really cutting it). I’m happy with the end result.

So happy in fact that I’ve started another one this morning on one of The Boy’s onesies. Bugger bugger! I got this much done before Daglish and then realized I left my thread at home. Bugger! I had to sit and twiddle my thumbs for the rest of the trip. What am I going to do on the way home?? Bugger.

I’ll load up some photos tonight of the finished work. I’m blogging at work during (yet another) incubation with photos from my phone.

Oh! good-o. My timer has just gone off and I’ve run out of stuff to ramble on about.