I can’t get enough of this pattern! I’ve just finished my 5th Oliver + S Swing set top. I really must post them to their Flickr pool huh?

With the onslaught 4 year old birthdays this coming month, I had to get cracking and start some serious sewing. First up was a top & skirt for Giles’s buddy Amelia (I forgot to photograph that! Bec has to take some for me). I made it from a beautiful double muslin with fairy print from Calico & Ivy. It turned out really well, I just hope it fits. As expected, Amelia threw the dress aside without much of a glance but LOVED the hand-me-down My Little Pony & accessories. Typical! Hee Hee! I’m sure Bec will make her wear the top & skirt once or twice before it gets handed down to Tilly.

Next up was another of Giles’s girl friends, whose party was this afternoon. Remember this fabric Jacq? I had enough to make one in size 5 for the birthday girl & just enough left over (with some creative piecing on the back placard – no close-ups I’m afraid) to make a size 2 for Tilly.

I made two chiffon flowers which can be used as hair-clips, or can embellish the front of the dress. I can’t find a link right now but there are tonnes of tutorials out there, I know you’ve tagged it before Jacq. All you do is rough cut a bunch of circles, melt the edges of each circle with a candle or lighter, then stack them up gluing each one with hot glue. I put some sparkles in the center but you could put anything – buttons, sequins, seed-beads etc.

Tilly wore her outfit to the party – too cute – although I am very biased.

I’m going on a sewing frenzy in the next few weeks. With a birthday every weekend for the next 5 weekends I’m going to be busy. Next is a girl party, then 3 boys….Hmmmm what to sew next…….Ideas?