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I’ve bought the Oliver + S Swingset Tunic and Skirt pattern and have been knocking a couple of outfits out.  The pattern, as always, is easy to follow and it comes together quite quickly. I traced out the pattern one night, cut all the pieces one afternoon during nap-time and then was able to complete the top in one evening.

This is my 1st made from some Micheal Miller fabric. This dress was using the size 2 Swingset Tunic pattern and lengthened about 2-3 inches to dress-length. I’m really pleased with how it has turned out. I was a bit disappointed that the size 2 was a snug fit on Miss T, that was until I realized I was using the wrong seam allowance (whoops!). I’ve since made another with the correct seam allowance (the black & red one) and this is a much more appropriate fit for a size 2. As you can see, I’m too chicken to attempt a button hole so I used my much-loved snap machine for the closures on the back.

I can envision whole wardrobe of these Tunics come Summer 2011. That is unless I buy some of their new 2011 fall patterns coming out soon……