I found this in the drafts folder – not sure if i’ve posted it before but I’m doing some housecleaning here in the WordPress Dashboard and thought I’d rather re-post than delete………

Here are a couple of my 5-minute crafting activities.

Dummy straps:

I truly don’t know how people survive child rearing without these dummy straps. While we aren’t anal about washing the girl’s dummies it is a pain when they are spat out on the floor. Normally at the grocery check-out, or at the bank counter or somewhere equally gross & filthy.

These are so easy to make. A piece of ribbon, snapped at both ends – one to loop around a suspender clip (I found mine at a local craft store for $2.70 for 2), one for around the dummy. You can sew the suspender clip in permanently if you wish. I made a cute one with bee ribbon too but didn’t take a photo. Must do soon. The ribbons are all from Calico & Ivy.

Psychedelic strapPastel strap

Next up, jazzed up bookmarks. Nice -AnnieP papers adhered to gross freebie drug-company bookmarks using contact cement. The have a magnetic clasp inside so the stick to your page. Nice & free!

Magnetic bookmarksp1010314

And here’s a random shot of Miss T.

Tilly's Toque

Geeze, you can see how old this post is, T is now 20months old, I think she is 12 weeks in this shot. BTW this is a beautiful beanie that Nanna Beth sent T when she was born, together with a poncho. Beautifully soft & warm. Beth you might like to know she still fits it!!