While I had the washing machine cranked up to felt the jumper for the Sally Bag, I thought I would try felting using my wool roving. I was going to make some felt balls but then thought I would use all those left over Easter eggs to try to make a shaker. Both kids have loved the plastic egg-shaped rattle we have. I think it is small enough to hold and light enough to easily shake, and let’s face it – my kids love to make noise!

I used THIS tutorial to prepare the eggs. I filled the eggs with either little seed beads or metal paperclips before joining the two halves with sticky-tape. I would have used glue but I’ve list my hot glue gun (how does that happen??). I then threw my stocking-wrapped eggs in the washing machine with my woolen jumpers. I put the front-loader on for a 60 degree short wash with a rinse and hold (ie. No spin).

All I had to do was remove them from the stocking, and let them air dry. How EASY was that!!

Giles has been using them to play skittles, or ‘scuttles’ as he called it and Tilly has been shaking her groove thing and helping me photograph them.

They are so easy to make and will make great gifts for the many wee ones we know.

Next stop, felt balls….