July 2010

It’s finished and I love it. Here are a couple of photos taken at Kings Park yesterday.


It’s making progress.

Edited to add: just as I sat there and pressed ‘post’, it started to rain!! Bugger. Talk about spoiling the mood.

I’ve begun my next project for in front of the TV, the Little Princess Cardie (a free pattern offered by Lion Brand) Its a swing style cardigan apparently suited for a beginner – that claim is about to be put to the test!

We don’t get Lion Brand here so I chose some bamboo/cotton from Spotlight. It is so silky and soft. A bit challenging to work with as the fibres are almost like embroidery thread and are easy to split as your hook goes in and out but I seem to be getting the hang of it.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress. Wish me luck!!

My little felted egg-shaped noise makers turned out so well I used up all my remaining Easter eggs to make some more.

I’m loving this washing machine felting. Now I’ve run out of Easter eggs to felt, I’ll have to find another project. If you see anything, yell out.

I love it – it’s heavy, warm and just the right size for the crib or your lap. It’s supposed to be Tilly’s but mum thinks the colours are more boy-like. What do you think? (BTW, the only photo where the colours are most true is the one of the blanket edges). Either way, the blanket goes with our leather couches.

Geeze tilly is hard to catch on film! You can see the best 2 of all my shots of her with her new blanket. I am no blogging queen.

Now, find me a new easy pattern jacq. I can only do granny squares so it will be a challenge. I’ve seen this pattern (http://www.creativejewishmom.com/2010/07/how-to-crochet-a-hexigon-baby-surprise-sweater.html) but would it suit tilly??

While I had the washing machine cranked up to felt the jumper for the Sally Bag, I thought I would try felting using my wool roving. I was going to make some felt balls but then thought I would use all those left over Easter eggs to try to make a shaker. Both kids have loved the plastic egg-shaped rattle we have. I think it is small enough to hold and light enough to easily shake, and let’s face it – my kids love to make noise!

I used THIS tutorial to prepare the eggs. I filled the eggs with either little seed beads or metal paperclips before joining the two halves with sticky-tape. I would have used glue but I’ve list my hot glue gun (how does that happen??). I then threw my stocking-wrapped eggs in the washing machine with my woolen jumpers. I put the front-loader on for a 60 degree short wash with a rinse and hold (ie. No spin).

All I had to do was remove them from the stocking, and let them air dry. How EASY was that!!

Giles has been using them to play skittles, or ‘scuttles’ as he called it and Tilly has been shaking her groove thing and helping me photograph them.

They are so easy to make and will make great gifts for the many wee ones we know.

Next stop, felt balls….

Although I’m guilty of it too, it makes me a wee bit sad to see someones beautiful crochet/knitting/craft being carted around in a reusable shopping bag. They do have their uses people, but a Coles bag should be kept for the supermarket!

After Auntie Sally came by last week to help watch the kids while I sewed up the baby bibs & another gift (in drafts to be posted soon!) with her beautiful crochet blanket in said grocery bag I thought I should remedy this.

VoilĂ ! The ‘Sally ‘Bag’. Take one felted 100% pure Australian wool jumper, chop-chop-chop-it, embellish and there you have it. A roomy rather gorgeous bag ready for her next project.

I got all my inspiration for this design from this beautiful bag.

I said to Mark that I have problems letting go of many of my crafting endeavors and this one is particularly difficult as I’ve fallen in love with it as it came together. We’re off to Dad’s for lunch today so I had better drop it off to Sally before I find it filled with my crochet project!

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