Perfect timing….my winter jacket, years in the works, is finished just in time for our full blown early spring…nevermind. 😉

I thrifted this beautiful, charcoal wool felt 3 years ago for next to nothing. I anxiously awaited the following winter, when the winter fabrics were released at my local fabric store and bought the additonal wool crepe/felt I required to make up for the wool felt I was lacking…just a little short…argh. I found this pattern on that trip and away I went….not. It sat uncut for a year and a half (!!) before this year, I picked it up again and finally started. How disappointing, when almost completed, I slipped the jacket on I discovered it was all wrong! It didn’t fit! It looked terrible! Arghhh!! The shoulders were too wide, the pleated sleeve pleated somewhere halfway down my arm, the sleeves were 3 inches too short…all wrong!

Pulled completely apart, redrafted and sewn together as one once more it’s done!!! I thiiiiink I like it?! I’m trying to like it…I think it-will-do. What do you think? Must say I’m loving the buckle closures…