I have staked out my territory…it’s mine…I’m sooooooo happy. Much to my husband’s amusement, I have finally claimed a little piece of this chaotic house to call my own. No buisness stuff, no children’s toys, no computer either borrowed, old or new. A space to call my own. For nothing but the sweet joy and release of creation and inspiration. I have a sewing “room”. No sharing!! Ha!!!

I collected these embroidery hoops so long ago with intention to create an inspiration/project space. Such a simple task that took mere minutes. I would include a “tutorial”, but hey people, I won’t insult your intelligence….it’s toooooo easy. I just took each hoop and laid them atop pieces of co-ordinating fabric. I stretched the fabric tight on each hoop and pinned the excess fabric behind the hoop to remain hidden. You could always trim off the excess fabric….but hey, I’m too cheap and I wanted the option of using these fabrics later if necessary…I can’t throw out anything!! It’s a bit of a problem I know.

What a great way to display my favourite vintage patterns (they change often…just like my mind) and projects and patterns I have on-the-go. What do you think??? I might collect more larger hoops for the children’s room to post their arts and crafts….limitless possibilities…hmmmmmm

Oh…and what is that hanging on my dressform……stay tuned!!