March 2010

After the last post, you can imagine how handy this new tool is.

Every sewer HATES to unpick. This makes it a somewhat bearable task.

Good old Lee Valley Tools.

“Pro” Series…lol!!! Maybe double as a surgical scalpel if the needs arrises.


Perfect timing….my winter jacket, years in the works, is finished just in time for our full blown early spring…nevermind. 😉

I thrifted this beautiful, charcoal wool felt 3 years ago for next to nothing. I anxiously awaited the following winter, when the winter fabrics were released at my local fabric store and bought the additonal wool crepe/felt I required to make up for the wool felt I was lacking…just a little short…argh. I found this pattern on that trip and away I went….not. It sat uncut for a year and a half (!!) before this year, I picked it up again and finally started. How disappointing, when almost completed, I slipped the jacket on I discovered it was all wrong! It didn’t fit! It looked terrible! Arghhh!! The shoulders were too wide, the pleated sleeve pleated somewhere halfway down my arm, the sleeves were 3 inches too short…all wrong!

Pulled completely apart, redrafted and sewn together as one once more it’s done!!! I thiiiiink I like it?! I’m trying to like it…I think it-will-do. What do you think? Must say I’m loving the buckle closures…

I have staked out my territory…it’s mine…I’m sooooooo happy. Much to my husband’s amusement, I have finally claimed a little piece of this chaotic house to call my own. No buisness stuff, no children’s toys, no computer either borrowed, old or new. A space to call my own. For nothing but the sweet joy and release of creation and inspiration. I have a sewing “room”. No sharing!! Ha!!!

I collected these embroidery hoops so long ago with intention to create an inspiration/project space. Such a simple task that took mere minutes. I would include a “tutorial”, but hey people, I won’t insult your intelligence….it’s toooooo easy. I just took each hoop and laid them atop pieces of co-ordinating fabric. I stretched the fabric tight on each hoop and pinned the excess fabric behind the hoop to remain hidden. You could always trim off the excess fabric….but hey, I’m too cheap and I wanted the option of using these fabrics later if necessary…I can’t throw out anything!! It’s a bit of a problem I know.

What a great way to display my favourite vintage patterns (they change often…just like my mind) and projects and patterns I have on-the-go. What do you think??? I might collect more larger hoops for the children’s room to post their arts and crafts….limitless possibilities…hmmmmmm

Oh…and what is that hanging on my dressform……stay tuned!!

How cute is this wee rosette made from a vintage hankie that was too sweet to possibly blow your nose into! I have a massive stack of hankies and scarfs from a friend of auntie sally’s who is cleaning out her mothers house. Hmmmm what to do, what to do??? then I came across these ruffled rosettes. I cant claim this as my clever idea, thanks to Rufflesandstuff.

I think 3 or 4 of these toether would look good too.

Now, if you have any other ideas what to do with this stack, let me know.

P.S. this photo was taken by Giles. it was by far the best of my ‘self-portraits’ and all the ones mum tried to take.

it can’t get much easier than this.

take 1 bandana, cut in half. sew up the 2 side seams to make a tube. overlock the raw (cut) edge then fold to make the casing for your waist elastic. guess how big your daughter’s waist is (because she is fast asleep) then thread your elastic through the casing & sew ends together. go have a coffee and twiddle your fingers until said daughter wakes up so you can try on your newly sewn skirt.


Why was I so scared about doing this it’s so easy!
instead of tidying & getting ready for our busy week I sat at the machine to pump out the remainder of my cloth nappies (before the wee gal grows out if them). two inserts later I wad bored, bored, bored so decided to swap gears completely and sew her up a shirred dress.
All the tutorials out there say it’s so easy and what do you know, it is! I’m hooked now. I couldn’t stop at one dress and whipped up another, then matching bloomers for the 1st dress.
Now, who else do I know who NEEDS a dress/top like this?