I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nkow it’s been a horribly long time between posts…naughty…naughty!!

This year our 240 girls club has each taken on a “secret buddy” to whom you do something nice for once in a while. Although we’re all very busy, the idea is to secretly give or do something for your buddy that shouldn’t cost anything other than a little thought and consideration. We all answered a questionaire by hand, answering general questions about ourselves, our likes and dislikes. We all randomly pick a buddy and that is who you gift for 3 months, then we swap again. Everyone is really into it to varying degrees but nonetheless it’s been fun to not only get to know other members better…we have 5 new members this year…but also to feel the joy of giving anonymously.

The first three months my secret buddy was Anke. A new girl to our group, introduced to us by Katherine…it’s her future sis-in-law. Here are pics of a pair of mittens I made her at the conclusion of the three months as a special gift. I also gave her a couple of novels of mine and some yarn…she’s knitty too!!!

The mitts are made from the ends of sleeves off a periwinle sweater I felted. I just laid my hand, palm down ontop of the sleeve, my wrist atop the cuff. With fingers together, I traced around my hand, adding 1/2″ as I went, seam allowance. A quick whip stitch around the perimeter…you could easily use sewing machine, and wahlah!! Done!!

The embellishment was a real rush job, so don’t look tooo closely…but it’s the thought that counts…right!!!

Mitts for Anke

Right Mitt

Left Mitt