Geeze, I hope I’m not boring you with all these short posts. I’m  going back through my photos & posting all the ones craft-related. Not terribly interesting, but thorough…….
not helping...

This project was a 15 minute one, my kind of project these days – particularly when The Boy is awake). I found these polystyrene panels in the garbage bins at work last month and thought they would make great pin-up boards above my sewing machine.

The fabric is a lightweight canvas found in the $2 discount bin at Textile Traders. Come to think of it, nearly all my projects these days are from the $5 or $2 discount bins. Love a bargain…..

Anyhoo, a bit of packing tape and voila’ two pinup boards. I haven’t mounted them to the wall yet so will show you what the look like later.

I can’t get any fabric out without The Boy running off with it, wrapping himself & rolling around in it. Luckily for this project, I had two identical pieces!