August 2007

 “Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day

Little Easton wants to play”

Easton and I took advantage of a very grey day to bake. Scones were in order. Easton managed to cook the whole batch by herself, with a little help from myself, reading the recipe…very proud I am.

…the only thing missing, in my opinion, was the whipped cream.


Ceremony The beautiful bride

The first weekend in August was my friends, Chris and Steph’s wedding. A magnificent afternoon ceremony beside Island Lake surrounded by friends and famliy. So lucky, were these two that the lingering smoke in the skies from the previous days was blown away…the views were stunning! Steph’s dress was absolutely beautiful…you shouldv’e seen the look on Chris’ face. Even after 12+ years these two still have that day one adoration in their eyes. We moved up to the lodge afterwards for delicious hors d’ouvers and drinks before heading downtown to the Best Western for a buffet dinner and dance. The party continued late into the evening, in fact until we were kicked out of the funtion room a little after 2am.

I finally made something for myself, a dress to wear for the day. It was an off the shoulder, fitted a-line dress made of a slightly stretchy floral fabric I fell in love with in Cranbrook months ago. Luckily it fit just right with no alteration necessary because I was still madly hemming the bloody thing the morning of the wedding whilst trying to fend off my curious children. Pretty happy with the outcome. What do you think?


Ah ha! We have jumped on the Simpsons Movie craze and had ourselves ‘Simpsonized‘.

So, what do you think? Any resemblance?



These overalls are my very first attempt at making clothes for Giles. I did it the easy way and used bonded fleece and simply traced a pattern right onto the fleece from a pair of overalls he already wears. A few embellishments on his butt pockets and voila, easy-peasy!

It has taken me so long to show you these photos, Giles has nearly grown out of them. No kidding, his little milk-belly is making the seam down the front stretch to breaking point (I’ve since learned you are supposed to


reinforce an overlocked seam with a straight stitch….Oh well, next time)

Here’s a giggle or two for you.

They all look like dicks to meThey all look like dicks to meKnit  antil your fingers bleed

but wait…there’s more

They all look like Dicks to me