July 2007

As usual, I was stuck for ideas for dinner and wandering around the grocery store in a daze. Luckily I was with Bec and she suggested Pea & Ham soup. A cheap and cheerful winter warmer, perfect!

Once home & the soup was on to simmer I got all inspired (as Giles was happily slumbering away) and thought what better to go with soup  than homemade bread.  I searched out a basic, foolproof, beginner bread (these were almost my exact search terms) and went with this recipe.

breadThe apron went on the I set to making a snowstorm of flour in the kitchen. The recipe was dead easy and, apart from finding it difficult to find a nice warm spot to let the dough rise (is next to the SULO bins in the sun against  food  safety standards?!).  The feeling of warm kneaded dough is quite addictive I think.

The end result was really good for a first attempt. According to Mark, who has cooked bread for years (we all know about his Floridian grey sourdough starter… ), the texture, crust & crumb was really good. So, I’m off to be suzie homemaker again today and try another loaf. Perhaps one with cheese & herbs…..


I just posted to say I am having withdrawls!! I haven’t done anything creative in weeks!! and no end in sight! I miss my sewing machine. I miss my home. I miss being crafty. I guess picking colours and painting the house might give me a little wee fix. Ohhh…mysterious entity out there in the cosmos…give me strength. By the way, Amber, your posts and del.icious tags are keeping me going…thanks!