June 2007

bag1Giles is growing fast and has grown out of the sleeping bag Helen lent us (thank you Helen, it has been a godsend!), so I sewed a new one that doubles as a pram liner for winter. I used Bec’s liner as inspiration & to get some rough measurements, but from there I had to wing it. No wonder it took several weekends to finish it. It’s really hard to think three steps ahead when you are living on chunks of sleep that are less than 3 hours in length (yay for teething & a headcold).

Anyhoo, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It fits the pram perfectly and is toasty warm for our Perth winters. I made it from two layers of bonded fleece with 3M Thinsulate quilt batting sandwiched between. It has a open ended zip around the foot & snaps (of course) up the sides. This way, you take the cover right off if the weather improves.

I found these Army appliqués of Dad’s in with mum’s bag of buttons she gave me from her sewing supplies. Aren’t they fantastic. Very boyish. Dad was really thrilled to see them find a new life.


I haven’t posted in a while, but when I look around I’ve been quite a busy little beaver. So not to inundate you with all my latest stuff, and to prolong the joy, I’ll post a couple every day. I know you’re like me Jacq, checking every day to see if there are new posts 🙂

mirror mirrorOK, so this isn’t really very crafty but it is really cool and Giles loves them. We stuck these IKEA mirrors to the wall in the kitchen after seeing it done at the daycare center we want to get him into. It is so neat to watch him become so animated. He talks to the mirror, leans in and ‘kisses’ (well slobbers) himself and gets really quite excited. It was Mark’s idea to stagger them so as he grows, Giles can always catch a glimpse of the handsome mirror buddy. It is a great place to plonk him if you need to grab 5 or 10 min to get dinner started or put the shopping away etc. He loves it so much in fact, that just today, we bought him a perspex mirror for his toy box. This way, he can have a playmate in every room.


When we were watching Giles giggle, rock his head around & kiss the mirror, it reminded me of this picture from one of my favorite authors & books! Slone Tanen, you are twisted & you rock!

“”Bravo” thought Hugo as he caught sight of today’s dashing new play date. Now, if only his mother would make herself scarce.”


I’m having another of those mornings letting Giles sleep in my arms. Yesterday we had the Dr. confirm he has an ear infection so he’s a little crabby today. This does, however, give me the A-ok to spend the morning browsing around the web from page to page, seeing where the craft links take me.

knitting tidyI saw this picture at Craftzine. Its just one of those IKEA plastic bag holders used to store the wool for your WIPs. Neat huh!

Shame I still  don’t know how to knit or crochet. Have many balls of wool though awaiting the day I learn.

In my travels this morning I’ve found;

Enjoy your day! I’m going to start digging holes for our hedge, or have lunch with mum….hmmm it’s even-stevens which to do 🙂

Ok Jacq, I thought I would start a new challenge for the two of us!!


I thought it would be fun to see what projects we could come up with given the same starting materials. I purchased this matching set of fat quarters on Friday (so I have a bit of a head start 🙂 ) and will mail yours off tomorrow.


I figure a month or so should be enough to come up with some things….or should we make it two?


What do you think? Like we need more WIP…Ha ha ha ha …..

New shoes and shirtSpotlight had their stocktake sale this week and bonded fleece was on sale at $10/m. Typical spotlight, I didnt’ even know they stocked it until I saw it in the catalogue. You can never find anything in that store!

Anyhow, as today is a public holiday,  I spent the morning while Giles was napping, whipping up a pair of shoes from the Stardust Shoe tutorial & a matching T-shirt.

The shoes were really easy to make but they only just fit Giles’ feet. Next time I’ll have to make them longer and will increase the depth for the heel part. For now, they’re a perfect fit & just right for our super chilly days.

I have to confess totally yoinked JoJo’s idea for the matching t-shirt. Love it!