Red Flower Dress

Just in time for our trip to Vancouver, Easton`s new duds are complete. Yay, I get to cross something off my WIP list! I love these fabrics!

I intended to shir the flower dress bodice…I thought it would be a simple way to pump out a dress…I was wrong! The fabric was too weighty and it took a few attepts before I admitted defeat and pulled out an old pattern I had thrifted years ago. Turned out OK in the end. I would make the skirt more full next time.

Smockett back

The smokett on the other hand I think is just perfect! I love love love this daisy fabric! I decided to line it with a bright red, which is so sweet when she moves, you get glimpses of it`s vibrance. I also made the bottom curve shallower so it looks like a top more than an apron. The ties are elongated so that they tie up, as opposed to last time when I had to resort to snaps. I will, next time, elongate them even further…nonetheless…CUTE!