May 2007

Red Flower Dress

Just in time for our trip to Vancouver, Easton`s new duds are complete. Yay, I get to cross something off my WIP list! I love these fabrics!

I intended to shir the flower dress bodice…I thought it would be a simple way to pump out a dress…I was wrong! The fabric was too weighty and it took a few attepts before I admitted defeat and pulled out an old pattern I had thrifted years ago. Turned out OK in the end. I would make the skirt more full next time.

Smockett back

The smokett on the other hand I think is just perfect! I love love love this daisy fabric! I decided to line it with a bright red, which is so sweet when she moves, you get glimpses of it`s vibrance. I also made the bottom curve shallower so it looks like a top more than an apron. The ties are elongated so that they tie up, as opposed to last time when I had to resort to snaps. I will, next time, elongate them even further…nonetheless…CUTE!


Check this out.

My 240 win

Here is the prize I won last weekend at Katherine’s Tacky Vintage 240 Event. Need I say anymore than quote the title :

“The Museum of Kitschy Stitches – a Gallery of Notorious Knits.

By Stitchy McYarnpants.

Every time I pick this book up, I am in fits of giggles. I think I’ll try and post a page a week.

Text reads:

“Ever wish you could have a wedgie consisting of an entire skein of your favorite yarn? Do you want to learn how to felt wool with your sweat while wearing it? Then have I got the project for you! This sensible bicycling outfit combines all the breathability of a plastic bag with the comfort of a bear trap. Add to that the unmatched creeping properties of knitted shorts, and you’ll be tearing up the trails in no time!Amazingly, these shorts came down to her knees when she started the Tour de France earlier in the day. She’s going to need a crowbar to get undressed.”



Here are pics of an almost identical artist case, as Ella’s, for Easton. A few modifications however. I put in some rigid cardboard on the crayon side, as the tutorial suggested. It really helps when the child is drawing on their lap, helps keep the crayons in the pockets. I also added handles so the case is always carried upright and the crayons don’t fall out. I think this will be awesome for our up and coming, looong road trip to Vancouver in June.

Ohhh Amber. After writing this, Mum told me you had a similar case for Easton in the works. I didn’t know! You know Tasman will be old enough next birthday for arty stuff if you want to give it to him….or keep it for Giles. I’m soooo sorry!

Thanks for the link to this tuorial Amber. I think I was on a vintage kick this week…after all the preparation for the Tacky and Vintage 240 Party. I finally found a use for this fabric I colleced years ago…I guess awaiting the right project.

Here are some pictures of the Little Artist Case I made for Ella for her 4th birthday. Does it get any more retro than orange and brown? It seemed like an obvious choice as Ella’s favourite colour is orange.

Artist case Inside

vege shoppingWe trouped out to the Midland Farmers Market early this morning to stock up on veges for the week. There is something about coming home with 7 bags full of fresh fruit & veges to fill the fridge for less than $50 that makes you feel all holier than thou!

 Fleece hat

The point of this post however was to say that it was pretty chilly for the wee man, particularly as he follows closely in his daddy’s footsteps regarding the lack of hair! We hunted through all our hand-me-downs and couldn’t find a toque to fit his big noggin so he had to go without.

G & M

So, when we got home, I whipped up a custom fitted fleece hat following Martha’s instructions. I’m really pleased I got to use some of the ‘vintage’ ribbon from Mum’s stash. I’m getting better at using things in my collection rather than hording them waiting for the perfect project, as this is one of my new resolutions!


  No more cold head!

 :: You can’t half tell that Giles is Mark’s boy!!! LOL


Hemming like a proI have to quickly post this link to a fantastic tutorial perfect for those with ‘ducks disease’ ! I’m always afraid of cutting the hem off my jeans in case I screw it up, but with this method, you not only keep the original hem & stitching but it can always be unpicked and redone!!! It took me less than 10 min this morning to do my pants that have been dragging on the floor for two weeks 😉

The tutorial is by can be found here. Thanks

I’ve “pumped out” yet another diaper purse…this time for Heather’s sister-in-law

who just had a baby girl not two months ago.

I love the hot pink! It’s “so hot right now”. So perfect for a young mum to tote around this summer.

Diaper Purse 5

My first Yo-yos I think are adorable…and such an easy embellishment. Must keep my eye out for vintage buttons now. Ahhhh, a new treasure to be on the look out for.

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