So I saw these beautiful sweater/coats last summer, with Mum, down in the states, at the most beautiful children’s clothing store I’ve ever come across. They were several felted pieces, of varying patterns and colours, that were sewn together, with a little embelishment, into the most adorable sweater/coat/cardigans. I thought I’d give felting a try.

So today I went to the Sally Anne in search for wool sweaters…they are not easy to find. I found this argyle sweater, threw it in the wash an wa-la! Now…what to make? I’m going to raid the attic after the children are in bed and see what treasures I can find.

Check out the before and after…I popped the teddy ontop to give a reference.



I’d love to get my hands on a felting needle, as I have some roving that is just begging to be dyed, to add a little felted embellishment.

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