I came across this toddler beanie for sale at Etsy that I think would look super cool on Giles for winter. If only I could crochet more than a big string of chain stitches. I haven’t managed to turn & crochet a 2nd row yet, although I’ve bookmarked every tutorial site I’ve come across I still don’t ‘get it’! Any suggestions are most appreciated. I might have to find a knitting cafe here in Perth to see if someone can give me a hand.

However, when I do learn, I’d love to make one of these. I did a quick search looking for a pattern and then I came across THIS site. Whoo there’s alot of hat patterns here! I’m sure you’re clever enough Jacq to find something that is tre’ cute for the kids. If you find a pattern that resembles this hat, let me know.

Toddler beanie