My little one has become a dribble machine. It is amazing how quickly he can saturate a shirt.

So I made some new Bandanas for Giles out of this fantastic Sock Monkey fabric I found in the clearance section for only $3.50/m. I had to hold back and only buy 1 m although I’d have loved to get more. Problem with buying more is that I don’t have a project for the fabric and we don’t have tonnes of room for storage (unlike others who are crafty bloggers!). If you think of other projects that would be right for this fabric, let me know so I have an excuse to go out and get some more!

Anyhoo, I’ve made these so that they are reversible. Being a boy, blue & white will just about go with his entire wardrobe. I’ve also discovered, if you snap one bib to the next, you can make pretty cool bunting flags!! Might have to make some more to double as decoration for his room 🙂

Sock Monkey Bandana Bibs