March 2007

So I found this today…means bias tape can be any fabric….any pattern…Kind of exciting! Who’d of thought?!!

Here’s where to buy.

or here


So I saw these beautiful sweater/coats last summer, with Mum, down in the states, at the most beautiful children’s clothing store I’ve ever come across. They were several felted pieces, of varying patterns and colours, that were sewn together, with a little embelishment, into the most adorable sweater/coat/cardigans. I thought I’d give felting a try.

So today I went to the Sally Anne in search for wool sweaters…they are not easy to find. I found this argyle sweater, threw it in the wash an wa-la! Now…what to make? I’m going to raid the attic after the children are in bed and see what treasures I can find.

Check out the before and after…I popped the teddy ontop to give a reference.



I’d love to get my hands on a felting needle, as I have some roving that is just begging to be dyed, to add a little felted embellishment.

Technique and Templates

This is the sweetest idea for a lunch bag!!

Plastisise the interior…your imagination would be the limit of what animal these could become!!!

Sweet Lunch Bag

Oh my gosh…I love these dolls…so much character!!

Well you learn pretty fast, in order to keep the playdate a happy affair, you must have a few “tricks” up your sleeve. I found these cute felt coin purse kits at Walmart(!) for $2.49. In fact they have some wonderful,  well priced, craft kits!! I thought they would be a great activity for Easton and one of her girl friends on the next rainy day playdate. They are relatively simple, encouraging hand-eye co-ordination, sewing the pieces together. The velcro and eyes are self adhesives. Truly cute too. Every kid at this age loves the idea of their own money, however niave that the more coins you have, the more value. I’ll send pics of the girls at work when we get them together.


Look what I found. These vintage braids are so adorable…especially for 10m for a $1…yes that is not a mis-type!! The ribbons are adorable too…great little embellishments.

Vintage BraidsBeautiful Ribbons

Wow…it’s quite the endorphin rush you get when you find some inspiring notions…and on SALE!! It is very dangerous to enter a fabric store with no specific projects in mind. I did, however, find some adorable fabrics and vintage braids.

I think I plan on making some wide, cross strapped, ruched bodice pinafores for Easton. An apron of two for myself, and a few more diaper purses. I felt a little guilty, I admit, that I left the store with only one project in mind for Tasman. Boys are a little less inspirational. I am in love with the “little explorer” fabric I found for him thou.

Check them out.


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