Yep…I went a little crazy. I made these Legletts from women’s socks. I think retaining the heel of the sock for the knee is adorable. From three pairs of socks, I was able to make 2 pairs of Legletts. Tasman absolutely loved them. After I put them on, he looked down adn smiled the biggest smile, then paraded around squealing and patting his legs. I’m giving a pair or two to everyone I know…they are SO GREAT! So easy to change their nappies…keeps them warm and not to mention CUTE!!!! Easton absolutely loves her legletts…I just love the upper thigh bulge she gets. Children are so wonderfully innocent

…no negative body image…when does it all change…

If you are interested in making these legletts, try this tutorial. I made mine a little differently as I couldn’t find any long women’s socks. I only cut off the toe of Pair#1 then dismantled Pair#2 as they suggest in this tutorial and used the ankle and sole of Pair#2, as they did, for the cuff .


Leglet Guy Model

Leglet Gal Model