February 2007

FunBundleColoured Fun BundleMum & I had a great day Monday. After we had Giles weighed (6.8kg @ 18wks old) we went to Annie P Papers to spend my voucher that Mark had bought me for our 1yr wedding anniversary (yes, that was a while ago) & then down to Mosman Park to Calico & Ivy. They have the most beautiful fabrics & knitting supplies, Spotlight eat-your-heart-out! I’m especially in love with the Amy Butler & Kaffe Fassett range. Speaking of Kaffe, I must stop new projects & get back to sewing that quilt I started in Calgary (that’ll be a new post when I do). I don’t want to start a new quilt (both $$ and time prohibitive) but I wanted to get some little bits of fabric to jazz up some of Giles’ shirts/pants. They had these great fabric bundles fo $10 & $4.50 (very in my price range), so I’m set to embellish some of his shirts.

Hanging card 1Oh, and finally, here are some pics of the papers I bought yesterday, and a quick card I sewed up. It is Mel’s birthday this Saturday so I’ll have to whip her up something special. Oh, also took a sneaky photo of how to embellish a bottle or pressie.

Annie P papers  Inspiration card

Well thats all for today, Giles has woken up, is sitting on my lap & is very interested in mummys typing fingers 🙂


If only I could knit (and had a baby girl :)) I would make this really cute dress. Someone on TheNappyNetwork forum made one, then made shorties to match as her baby girl got older.

The pattern can be found at knitty.com

I thought with the new babies in Fernie Jacq, you could find someone to make this for.

Speaking of knitting, I didn’t realise there was a whole subculture of Dishcloth knitters. Who would have thought?? Check out the Dishcloth Boutique.

Here is the fabric I was talking about. I think it would make a great newsboy cap. I was so giddy when I found it. I’ll keep you posted how this project goes.

Very Retro Fabric

Yep…I went a little crazy. I made these Legletts from women’s socks. I think retaining the heel of the sock for the knee is adorable. From three pairs of socks, I was able to make 2 pairs of Legletts. Tasman absolutely loved them. After I put them on, he looked down adn smiled the biggest smile, then paraded around squealing and patting his legs. I’m giving a pair or two to everyone I know…they are SO GREAT! So easy to change their nappies…keeps them warm and not to mention CUTE!!!! Easton absolutely loves her legletts…I just love the upper thigh bulge she gets. Children are so wonderfully innocent

…no negative body image…when does it all change…

If you are interested in making these legletts, try this tutorial. I made mine a little differently as I couldn’t find any long women’s socks. I only cut off the toe of Pair#1 then dismantled Pair#2 as they suggest in this tutorial and used the ankle and sole of Pair#2, as they did, for the cuff .


Leglet Guy Model

Leglet Gal Model

Thought I’d show you the fabrics I bought.

These I got for $4/m PLUS buy 2m get one free, PLUS 20% off total, not bad huh!! The green fabric has been used for the grobags & I’m dying to make a girly grobag out of the pink velour, it is so soft & lucious.

The helicopter fleece will be for more nappies (give-aways me thinks)

Ok, so this isn’t by a Crafty Mamma, rather a Crafty Pappa!
The sling is made from Mark’s old backpack & worked really well on our first outing. Giles fell asleep on the way there & on the way home.
You’re right Jacq, this MEC trailer has TONNES of room for storage. I think I’ll use this to get my groceries.

My Kanzashi Flowers

I did these while Giles was having a catnap which means they are SUPER fast to make!

Such a cute result I’ll definitely be making more, although I have no clue what to put them on???

I stumbled across this tutorial this morning so thought it would be a fun thing to try with the scrap leftovers from the SleepSacs.

Here are more pics

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